Occasional milongas at the Friends' Meeting House in Oxford.

Tango in Oxford

Jueves Oxford Milonga
That's us!
Milonga on the first Thursday of the month
Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JuevesOxfordMilonga

Milonga on the last Saturday of the month
Website: http://www.caminito.co.uk/
Facebook page: Caminito

Milonga Frontera - currently on hiatus
Milonga every Monday at Freud on Walton Street
Website: http://milongafrontera.wordpress.com/
Facebook page: Milonga Frontera

Tango Oxford / Oxford Tango Club
For information on classes, practicas and occasional milongas run by Katja and Ben - plus tango tips and useful links.
Website: http://www.tangooxford.co.uk/
Facebook group: Tango in Oxford

Other tango in Oxford
Oxford Tango Argentino
Miriam Orcutt and Dante Culcuy